Shipwrecks and Maritime Tales of the Lake Erie Coastal Ohio Trail
Shipwrecks and Maritime Tales of the Lake Erie Coastal Ohio Trail
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Lake Erie Protection

The Ohio Lake Erie Commission (LEC) is responsible for coordinating state policies and programs that are related to Lake Erie and its surrounding areas. The Lake Erie Commission's role is to preserve Lake Erie's natural resources, protect the quality of its waters and ecosystem, and promote development of the North Coast. The Commission comprises the directors of the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency and the departments of Agriculture, Development, Health, Natural Resources, and Transportation.
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ODNR Coastal Management

The Office of Coastal Management is the lead agency in a cooperative effort by state agencies, political subdivisions and local groups to manage Ohio's Lake Erie coastal resources, monitor activities that affect the resources, and foster the resources' sustainable use for the benefit of all citizens. The mission of the Office of Coastal Management is to "Achieve a balance between use and preservation of Lake Erie's coastal resources, in collaboration with our partners, by effectively administering the Ohio Coastal Management Program." To help achieve this mission, the Coastal Office administers the Ohio Coastal Management Program.
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OSG College Program

Ohio Sea Grant is a statewide program that supports greater knowledge and stewardship of Lake Erie and the Great Lakes through research, education and outreach. It is part of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) Sea Grant College Program, which includes 32 state programs located in every coastal and Great Lakes state and Puerto Rico.
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