Shipwrecks and Maritime Tales of the Lake Erie Coastal Ohio Trail
Shipwrecks and Maritime Tales of the Lake Erie Coastal Ohio Trail
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Lake Erie Protection 

The Ohio Lake Erie Commission (LEC) is responsible for coordinating state policies and programs that are related to Lake Erie and its surrounding areas. The Lake Erie Commission's role is to preserve Lake Erie's natural resources, protect the quality of its waters and ecosystem, and promote development of the North Coast. The Commission comprises the directors of the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency and the departments of Agriculture, Development, Health, Natural Resources, and Transportation.

Commission staff work from the Lake Erie Office in Toledo, and together with the Commission, focuses on awarding research and implementation grants, providing public education programs, and representing the state of Ohio on many regional and international Great Lakes management organizations.

The Commission maintains two accounts. The Lake Erie Protection Fund (Fund 4C0) receives thousands of individual donations, primarily through the Lake Erie license plate program. This Fund is used solely to award research grants and contracts through a competitive proposal process.

The Lake Erie Resources Fund (Fund 5D8) receives Ohio's share of the earnings from the Great Lakes Protection Fund, an interstate trust fund established in 1990 to protect and restore the Great Lakes. States contiguous to the Great Lakes deposit money to the fund for projects and programs related to the Great Lakes. One-third of the annual earnings are transferred to the states.

Moneys in Fund 5D8 are used to support the operations of the Commission and its Office. The LEC and the Lake Erie Office receive no General Revenue Funds.

The 'Shipwrecks and Maritime Tales of the Lake Erie Coastal Ohio Trail' website, along with a companion brochure, were funded in part through a grant from The Lake Erie Protection Fund.

For more information about The Ohio Lake Erie Commission and The Lake Erie Protection Fund, please visit:


Shipwrecks and Maritime Tales of the Lake Erie Coastal Ohio Trail
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