Lorain Breakwater Lighthouse

Photo Credit: C. Hanchey

Located at the mouth of the Black River in downtown Lorain. From Route 2, take Route 58 north and follow to shoreline. The lighthouse is not open to the public.

Lorain’s first “light” was a lantern hanging on a pole at the edge of Lake Erie. At least two other lighthouses stood guard over the Lorain harbor until the existing Lorain Lighthouse was constructed in 1917. This concrete building with steel walls was built to withstand Lake Erie. The walls are more than 10 inches thick and even baseboards and window frames are made of steel. Originally outfitted with a 4th Order Fresnel lens, the beacon was replaced with a small red Coast Guard warning light before the light house was decommissioned in 1965. The lighthouse was replaced with an automated light at the west tip of the harbor breakwall.

Lorain Port Authority, (440) 204-2269 or https://www.lorainportauthority.com/events/jet-express-and-boat-tours/  Also see: https://lorainlighthouse.com/

Vistor Info:
The lighthouse can best be seen from a lakefront park just east of the bridge. The Lorain Port Authority may offer special cruises to the lighthouse.