MAST, the Maritime Archaeological Survey Team, is a nonprofit avocational group dedicated to the documentation of Ohio's underwater historic resources. Formed in March of 2000, MAST is composed of volunteer individuals who support and participate in research, documentation, underwater archaeological surveys, and educational workshops. MAST is the lead organization in Ohio placing buoys on shipwrecks for their preservation. As of 2019, eleven Ohio shipwrecks have seasonal buoys with permanent moorings.
MAST also works closely with the National Museum of the Great Lakes, providing the divers for the shipwreck surveys. MAST's ongoing commitment to education includes training new members on skills and techniques used for shipwrecks research, measuring, mapping and plotting. In addition, MAST works to educate our community in our historic underwater resources. MAST's shipwreck surveys have resulted in the several technical reports including the Adventure, the Hanna, the F.H.Prince, and others as well as the registration of these shipwrecks as official archaeological sites with the State of Ohio. MAST has also worked to produce underwater slates for the sites surveyed. MAST has also completed a shipwreck survey for The Craftsman, with a similar study of the shipwreck Dundee. During 2007, MAST began survey work of the shipwreck Sheldon.
Anyone can join and become an active member of MAST. MAST is composed of divers and non-divers. One thing everyone has in common is a keen interest in shipwrecks. Participation is voluntary and each member brings their skills to the team, whether it be researching, drafting, diving, organizing, art work, or writing. One simply needs to take the MAST workshop which is conducted once a year.

For more information about MAST, visit their website at: Maritime Archaeological Survey Team (MAST),