W.R. Hanna

Ship Name: W.R. Hanna 
Also Known As: None 
Type of Ship: Scow Schooner 
Ship Size: Herdendorf and Pansing state: 86'2 length x 22'4 breadth of beam x 6'0 depth of hold. Single- decked scow schooner with 2 masts and a square bow and stern; centerboard trunk is 24' long. 
Ship Owner: L.J. Seek, Toledo, Ohio; ice dealer 
Gross Tonnage: 103 
Net Tonnage: NA 
Typical Cargo: Herdendorf and Labadie state:  
Year Built: 1857 - Sandusky, Ohio, by William R. Hanna for Jonathan Learned 
Official Wreck Number: 26669 
Wreck Location: 41 39.030 N 82 41.060 W (Herdendorf and Labadie) North of Kelley's Island. Ohio State Archaeological Site No. 33ER488. 
Type of Ship at Loss: Scow schooner, Wood 
Cargo on Ship at Loss: Herdendorf and Labadie contend: "The final cargo of medium sized dimension stone was believed to be destined for Detroit (Toledo Blade, October 30, 1886). In June 1999, an attempt was made to estimate the size of the cargo by direct measurement of randomly selected blocks. The limestone blocks, mostly rectangular in shape, occupy most of the central portion of the site, from a position of 9 feet on the baseline to a position of 74 feet, with most of the concentration between 15 and 65 feet. A total of 27 blocks were measured for length, width and thickness". 
Captain of Ship at Loss: Frank Provonsha, Toledo, Ohio 

Sand and boulder bottom over rock; depth 3 feet to 8 feet. Stone cargo obscures most of the vessel structure.


October 14, 1886 - Gale force storm drove vessel ashore and she was pounded to pieces. No loss of life was reported. Vessel valued at $1,000; no insurance. 




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